New York City Subway History

Historic Rides On Old Trains

The New York Transit Museum runs trips on historic and restored subway trains. Below are some photos from some of those rides.

Updated:  Sunday, June 22, 2014

IRT Nostalgia Trains

Miscellaenous photos taken during rides on vintage IRT subway equipment built between the 1920s and 1970s.

Low-Vs at 207th St Yard IRT Train Of Many Colors Train Of Many Colors In The Bronx IRT Train Of Many Colors #1 Dusk

Low-V Nostalgia Train 2010

The Low-V's Take A Spin! This was the first time these museum cars have been run in a while, and of course I was there to partake. These cars were built in the early part of the 20th century, and are a little bit worse for the wear!

Interlocking Board You Are Forbidden 1960's Subway Map Stainless Steel Is The Future Train Of Many Foamers
Low-Vs Low-Vs

Jewel In The Crown: Old City Hall Station 2014

Built in 1904 and designed by famed architect Rafael Guastavino. This station was intended to be a show piece of modern design, and as such includes many unique features such as hanging chandeliers, elaborate tile work, leaded glass skylights, and graceful arches. The station proved less than popular over the years, and by 1945 it's short curving platform and low ridership caused it to be shuttered from public use. The New York Transit Museum currently runs tours through the station… and this is how I visited it in June 2014.

The Tour Begins Brooklyn Bridge Tile Work Mezzanine Level Ceiling Mezzanine Level Old City Hall Station
Old City Hall Station Photographer In City Hall Station 6 Train Turnaround City Hall Skylights Platform Staircase
Commemorative Plaques City Hall Station City Hall Tile Sign City Hall Station Skylights Waiting For The Train
Time To Go