This Site

This site was hand-coded with love by yours truly. I tried several photo hosting sites, and looked at some off the shelf packages, and none really did what I wanted. So I rolled my own.

All photographs are originals, taken by myself on a combination of Nikon equipment... for film, mostly my Nikon N80, and more recent digital images are from my Nikon D200. My lenses are pretty run of the mill: Nikon 18-35, Nikon 28-105, Nikon 70-300, and my favorite, Nikon 50 1.4.

All the rest of the content flowed from my own brain, most often dreamt up whilst driving from one ridiculous place to another. I have the luxury of traveling to many weird places both in and out of this country, and love to share my thoughts and experiences with others.

Safe and Interesting Travels,
Mike Bonte