New York City

The Greatest City In The World

The Big Apple

We are fortunate, living in New Jersey, to be in such close proximity to New York.

Updated:  Saturday, July 14, 2012

DUMBO Photoshoot

I attended a Bridge Photography Workshop presented by the New York Transit Museum. Thought it would be a good idea to pick the brain of a real professional photographer for a change, and it turned out quite well. It was a hot and hazy day so we shot B&W... at least... the digital equivalent of it. All photos shot on Nikon D200 in RAW, with B&W post-processing.

Manhattan Bridge From Brooklyn Manhattan Bridge Wide Aperture Washington Street & Manhattan Bridge Empire State Building Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Street Signs Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower Brooklyn Bridge Silhouette Manhattan Bridge and Apartments
Brooklyn Bridge Lamp Cables Silhouette Brooklyn Bridge Walkway The Spider Of Brooklyn Heights 1875

Bronx Zoo Christmas Lights 2006

Every year, the Bronx Zoo puts on a holiday show in lights! The entire Zoo is decorated and open late at night. Cold temps, hot apple cider, and thousands of twinkling lights really make you feel festive.

This is one of the last rolls of film I shot. Nikon N80 and Kodak Elitechrome 400

Elephant House Christmas Elephant House Christmas Tree Elephant House Relief Elephant House Christmas Bronx Zoo Lights
Bronx Butterfly Bronx Sunrise Maureen & A Penguin

New York City 9/11/05

The Four Year Anniversary

September 11, 2005 was a day just like the one it commerorated. Beautiful clear blue skies, and warm sunshine. I decided to go into the city to see what was happening at the World Trade Center site that evening. The Memorial in Lights was shining brightly and could be seen for miles away.

At the site, a more somber atmosphere was present. The names of those who died were being read aloud. Memorials and tributes were being set up along the perimeter fence. It was eeriley quiet.

Photos taken on Nikon N80 and Kodak Elitechrome 400.

Memorial In Lights 2976 Names Church St Memorials Signing The Flag The Flag Of Honor
Church Street PATH Memorials Half Mast Remembering Better Times Single Flower
Timeline Memorial In Lights Memorial In Lights

Central Park Gates

Set up by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Gates consisted of over 700 bright orange vinyl gates, with a large panel of orange vinyl hanging from each. While largely criticized and ridiculed, The Gates provided a stark and colorful contrast to the incredibly bleak landscape of New York City's Central Park during the winter months.

Photos were shot on the old trusty Nikon N80 with Kodak Elitechrome slide film.

Central Park Gates Wide Angle Central Park Gates Central Park Gates Central Park Gates Central Park Gates
Central Park Gates Central Park Gates Central Park Gates Central Park Gates