Jersey Shore

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Over 100 miles of uninterrupted shoreline, scenic vistas, beautiful towns, dynamic boardwalks, stately lighthouse, and so many tales of yore. The Jersey Shore is one of a kind, and we like to keep it that way, thank you very much!

Updated:  Saturday, August 17, 2013

Casino Pier and Seaside Heights 2013

By the end of the Summer, 2013, the famous Casino Pier at the Seaside Heights boardwalk was partially open with rides and games, after being heavily damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Super Storm Ride Super Storm Ride Casino Pier Rides Casino Pier Rides Swings Closeup
DISKO! Restore The Shore

Lavallette & Seaside Heights July 2013

After Hurricane Sandy hit, it was questionable if the summer of 2013 would be the first summer of my life that I would NOT spend time at the Jersey Shore. Thankfully, and through the brutally hard work of so many folks, we were able to stay in our usual rental in Lavallette. Make no mistake, there is still a lot of pain, hardship, destruction, and hard work ahead of so many folks. But we are thankful to have had our time there this year, and more than happy to help pump some money into the local economy to help Restore The Shore.

Steve Grilling In The Construction! Mark & Maureen Toast To The Shore Lavallette Boardwalk - Brand New Lavallette Boardwalk - Brand New On The Beach At Lavallette
Lavallette Lifeguard Tower Lavallette Beach Lavallette Empty Lots Swimming At Magee Lavallette Jetty
Steve On The Beach Maureen On The Beach Mark On The Beach Funtown Pier Funtown Pier
Mark, Maureen, Steve, Tina Tina Makes A Penny Mark At The Carousel Pizza! Berkeley Sweet Shop
Seaside Heights Boardwalk Great Friends On The Boardwalk Lucky Leos Mark In The Sunset Midway Steakhouse
Midway Steakhouse Casino Pier Rebuilding Maureen At Casino Pier The Skyride Casino Pier Rebuilding
Seaside Heights Boardwalk Seaside Coppers Summer Nights - Seaside Style Summer Nights - Seaside Style Midway Steakhouse
Midway Steakhouse Lucky Leo's Lucky Leo's Maureen On The Carousel Casino Pier Carousel
Casino Pier Carousel Maureen Rides The Carousel! Mike Rides The Carousel! Seaside Park Boardwalk Kohr's Frozen Custard

Seaside Heights Boardwalk After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey where it hurt most... our beloved shore communities. Specifically, Seaside Heights. Summertime mecca for the unwashed masses, The Heights is the place to be for boardwalk culture, sleazy shops, cheap beer, and expensive thrills. January 12, 2013 was one of the first Saturdays that the island was open to the public. 2 Months after the storm, so much cleanup has already happened, but the damage is still striking. What remained of the boardwalk was torn down. Both amusement piers were destroyed. And of course, the Jet-Star in the ocean... without a doubt, THE symbol of the storm. Jersey Strong! We will rebuild...

Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Fremont Ave. Seaside Heights Lifeguard Station Boardwalk and Jet-Star from Fremont Ave. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Fremont Ave. Building Remnants, Ocean Terrace
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time Big Top Arcade, Hancock Ave. EJ's Tavern, Sheridan Ave. Marathon Steakhouse and Boardwalk, Sheridan Ave. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Sheridan Ave.
Photographers and Jet-Star at Sheridan Ave Mini-Golf Refuse And Casino Building Casino Pier Entrance, Grant Ave. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Blaine Ave. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Blaine Ave.
Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Blaine Ave. Onlookers at Blaine Ave. Maureen Outside Lucky Leos Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Hamilton Ave. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Hamilton Ave.
Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Hamilton Ave. Old Time Photos on Franklin Ave. Cheesesteak and Cheezeballs! Berkeley Sweet Shop The Beach Bar
Seaside Heights Boardwalk And Beach Seaside Park Boardwalk from The Beachcomber Funtown Pier… Completely Destroyed Maureen Looks At Funtown Pier Seaside Park Boardwalk near Funtown Pier
Seaside Park Boardwalk Kohr's Frozen Custard, Seaside Park Seaside Park Beach and Funtown Pier Midway Steakhouse Casino Pier with No Rides
JRs Pizza and Beer The Jet-Star The Jet-Star and American Flag The Jet-Star Long Exposure Barnacle Bill's Miniature Golf
Barnacle Bill's Miniature Golf Barnacle Bill's Arcade Lavallette Boardwalk from Magee Ave. Lavallette Beach Entrance at Reese Ave. Lavallette Boardwalk from Reese Ave.
Mike at Lavallette Boardwalk, Reese Ave.

Lavallette Thunderstorm

A very strong thunderstom hit us at Lavallette in July of 2012. Afterwards, a spectacular lightning show danced off shore for quite some time.

This Ain't No Instagram Photo Faint Rainbows Seaside Lightning Triple Strike!

July 4, 2010

A beautiful Independence day visit to see Lucy The Elephant at Margate City, and then fireworks in Island Heights, NJ.

Atlantic City Windmills Lucy The Elephant Maureen At Lucy Lucy's View Inside Lucy
From The Howdah Climbing Lucy Lucy The Elephant Glowsticks! Fireworks
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

Navesink Light To Avon-By-The-Sea, November 2009

It was a beautiful November day, so Maureen and I decided to head down the shore for a bit. Stopped by the Navesink Twin Lights and proceeded as far south as Avon-By-The-Sea where, just by luck, I was in the right place at the right time.

Navesink Twin Lights Navesink Twin Light Powerhouse Navesink Fresnel Lens Maureen On Lighthouse Stairs Mike On Tiny Stairs
View From Navesink Light View From Navesink Light View From Navesink Light Neat Old Windows Navesink Twin Light
Long Branch November Asbury Park Ocean Grove Houses Remains of Fall Ocean Grove Bridge
2009 HHR SS in Asbury Park, NJ Sylvan Lake Sunset

Point Pleasant Boardwalk 2008

Seaside Heights' little sister, the Pt. Pleasant boardwalk, on a warm and beautiful summer evening. Also some Fourth of July fireworks to cap off the evening.

Kiddie Rides Super Swinger Moby Sick Ticket Booth Martells And Fireworks
Martells And Fireworks The Little Mermaid Laffy Taffy

Barnegat Light 2008

Old Barney on a beautiful July morning in the summer of 2008. Nikon D200.

Long Beach Island 217 Steps Old Barney Old Barney Climbing Old Barney
Maureen Climbing Barnegat Light

Lavallette Labor Day 2006

What better time to go to the shore than during a hurricane? Ernesto decided to pay us a visit during our annual Labor Day pilgrimmage to the beach house. Mark and Christina joined me this year, and we said "Ain't no Earnesto gonna keep us away." We start with a very blustery day of storms, followed by one of the most beautiful beach days I have ever seen, followed by a spectacular sunset and some Kodak Elitechrome slide film

Pimpin' The Cavvie Nice Beach Day Admiring The View Rainy Beach Angry Ocean
Beach Toys Welcome! Garbage Pails Red Flag! The Clean Up Begins
Boardwalk Buried Boardwalk Buried Jettys Tweet! Shore Pre-Dawn
Jersey Shore Dawn Jersey Shore Sunrise

Seaside Heights Boardwalk 2006

A few photos from a night visit to the famous Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

Cruising Ocean Terrace In The Camaro SS Boardwalk Ticket Booth JR's Pizza and Clam Bar Desecrate Yourself Here! Puke?  Yes, please.
Lucky Leos Coin Castle Interior

Asbury Park 2006

Asbury Park, NJ in the summer of 2006. A lot of the deterioration has already been cleaned up, the boardwalk is being cleaned up, and you can sense that something big is about to happen.

Asbury Park Mini Golf Asbury Park Boardwalk Asbury Park Casino Asbury Park Casino Asbury Park Casino Silhouette
Awesome Graffiti Asbury Park Casino Busted Windows Asbury Park Casino Interior Asbury Park Casino Asbury Park Casino Carousel Building
To Be Somewhere Else Asbury Park Casino Interior Asbury Park Casino & Boardwalk

Old Jersey Shore Photos

When I was 11, my father gave me an old camera and some black and white film. I shot many terrible pictures of camping, pets, and the Jersey Shore. We developed all this images in the darkroom in the basement. Here are a few classics from Lavallette and Seaside Heights, NJ, from the summers of 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Lavallette Gazebo Geri, Pops, Mom Mike Martins Department Store Carollas Deli
4 Reese Ave Seaside Heights Boardwalk The 1989 Lavallette Beach at Reese Ave Reese Ave.
Ben Franklin Lenny's Pizza Maione's Deli Brian and Mike