Bear Mountain Car Shows

Summer Awesomeness

Every Wednesday night, weather permitting, a massive car cruise takes place at the Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain, NY. It's a neat collection of beautiful cars and the interesting people that own them.

I started attending in 2002 after purchasing my Camaro SS, and have spent many nights making the trek up and back. One thing is always certain: There will be something surprising that shows up.

Updated:  Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bear Mountain Cruise Night 7/24/13

The weekly Bear Mountain Cruise Night at the Bear Mountain Inn. Nice turnout on a cool and cloudy July night.

The Camaro SS and Steve's Trans Am The Camaro SS and Steve's Trans Am The Lady Bug From A Buick 8 Corvette Sting Ray
Bear Mountain Cruise Night 7-24-13 The Judge Beautiful B Body Biscayne Gee Tee Oh Hungry
MG Rat Rod Challenger! Cadillac... Cadillac... V8... Keep Your Diet Straight
You got fins to the left, Fins to the right Rodded Dumper Bear Mountain Cruise Night 7-24-13 The Popo! Hot Rods And Merry Go Rounds
AMC Javelin

Bear Mountain Cruise Night 9/11/13

The final cruise night for the 2013 season. It was an unbearably humid evening and the threat of thunderstorms seemed to keep a lot of people away. Still some great cars, and a nice time walking around and talking to the owners.

Maureen's Mustang and Steve's Trans Am Iconic Pick 'Em Up Chevrolet Custom Studebaker Avanti
Rally Stripes 1968 Firebird Gullwings Road Runner Superbird Mirror Reflection
Four-Four-Two 69 Charger Bel Air Wide Angle 1969 Camaro Pace Car Corvette ZR1
Chevelle SS Chevrolet Corvair Plymouth Duster The Oldsmobile Huge Camaro SS
Porsche 356 Porsche 356 AMC Pacer Bug Eyed Sprite Fins to the left, fins to the right...
Jaguar XKE Lotus Esprit V8 The Stig And The Band Played On